Tubular screw conveyor

Our tubular screw conveyors are designed for efficient and reliable handling of a wide range of bulk materials in industrial and processing plants.

The tubular screw conveyors are suitable for transportation of non-cohesive or moderately cohesive materials such as for example cement, bone and fishmeal, lime, salt, gypsum, aggregate and fly ash.

With a tubular screw conveyor, the bulk material is efficiently and cost-effectively distributed to various locations using multiple inlet and discharging points. The bulk material is fed into the conveyor via several inlets and discharged at the end of the conveyor or via a number of outlets located where required.

Tubular screw conveyors can be mounted at different angles to the horizontal – up to 60°. In special cases, a tubular screw conveyor can be dimensioned to transport material vertically.

The tubular screw conveyors are available in a wide range of standard sizes and materials from S235 to Super Duplex depending on capacity requirements and the bulk material that needs to be transported. If our standard models do not meet your requirements, we custom-engineer a solution for your specific application.

Our tubular screw conveyors offer:

  • Efficient handling of free-flowing materials
  • Simple and robust design
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Reliable and stable performance
  • Customized solutions for your specific application
  • A wide range of construction materials and optimal features


For more information, please contact:

Jens Ole Larsen Production Manager Mobile: +45 20 14 47 13 Email:
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