• Mekanord marine gearbox

    Based on the old and well-known Mekanord, as well as the latest technology, we are a leading market supplier and manufacturer of
    reduction gearboxes, Controllable Pitch Propulsion (CPP) systems and service solutions for marine gearboxes.

With the in-house design and manufacturing facilities we are able to supply both gearboxes as well as a complete propulsion package including controllable pitch propeller (CPP) and remote control system.

Our many years of experience within gearboxes and controllable pitch propulsion packages guarantee our customers the best solutions available. The product range is continiously improved and customised to meet contemporary market demands.

Our Mekanord Marine gearbox range covers a power range from 150 KW to 6000 KW and includes specialties such as:

  • Co-axial gearboxes
  • Gearboxes with horizontal offset
  • Twin-in and single-out gearboxes
  • Gearboxes prepared for OD-systems
  • Compact gearboxes for high speed vessels
  • Step-up front gearboxes for PTO applications
  • 2-step gearboxes making reduction ratios above 10:1 possible
  • Gearboxes with extra long servo stroke to obtain feathering propeller
  • See our full Mekanord marine gearbox product range

For more information, please contact:

Claus Halberg Madsen Technical Sales Manager - Marine Gear Mobile: +45 26 77 83 23 Email:

Controllable Pitch Propulsion (CPP)

The controllable pitch propulsion system can be designed for either mechanical or hydraulic operation of the propeller pitch.

An upgraded Mekanord Controllable Pitch Propeller system can provide you with increased propeller efficiency and reduced emission levels.

Mekanord marine gearboxes are designed specifically to optimize the operation of the propellers under all load conditions.

The propeller pitch is adjusted smoothly and fast from full ahead to full astern by the use of state-of-the-art gearbox technology.

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Mekanord marine gearbox range

At ME Production we manufacturer Mekanord marine gearboxes for all types of ships and engine sizes.

Our Mekanord gearbox product range covers a power range from 150 KW to 6000 KW.

We guarantee you an “End-to-end service”; from the design, manufacture, testing and commissioning at your premises to after-sales and service (maintenance/servicing/repairs)
– all from one company.

Tailormade marine gearboxes are available on request.

Mekanord gearbox range

  • Gearbox service, repair & spareparts

    We handle all types of marine gearboxes, and our expertise, experience and capabilities makes us the preferred provider of gearbox service and gearbox repair jobs. We are fast, efficient and competitive on both standard service jobs, repair and extensive overhauls.

    Upgrades and retrofit solutions is our specialty and spareparts are supplied from our well assorted stock or manufactured immediately.

    Order your spareparts before 11.00 am and we guarantee overnight delivery. Manufactured in our own machining department.

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