Marine Gearbox Propulsion

Selected segment references

Since 1945 we have manufactured and serviced marine gearboxes, for a wide range of diffferet types of vessels like cargo, offshore, fishing, pleasure and high speed vessels. 

Furthermore, we do services and repairs of all types of marine and industrial gearboxes, sizes and makes, using our high skilled specialist who have decades of experience.

We deliver Controllable Pitch Propulsion for alle types of vessels with market leading technology in terms of efficiency, maneuverability, reliability, service, weight and flexibility.

At Me Production we deliver a Mekanord gearbox propulsion system, that ensures our customers a state of the art solution in terms of vessel performance, versatility, economy and lowest possible environmental impact.

Cargo vessels


DINAMIK – Dry Cargo KARSOY – Dry Cargo BRIXHAM – Tanker
Main info Main info Main info
Shipyard/IMO Hidrodinamik Shipyard/9401037 Shipyard/IMO Ustaoglu Yat Gemi Sanayi Ltd/9555618 Shipyard/IMO Rongcheng Shenfei Shipyard/9514432
Length o.a. 92 m Length o.a. 132 m Length o.a. 102 m
Main engine Yanmar 6EY26, 1920kW@750RPM Propeller CPP, Rolls Royce 94A/4B-B Ø4,4 m, 135 RPM Main engine Himsen 9H25/33P, 2610kW@900RPM
DWT 5.300 ton Main engine Wärtsilä 8L32, 4000kW@750RPM Propeller CPP, Berg BCP Ø3500 mm, 182 RPM
DWT 10.600 ton DWT 6.200 ton
Mekanord supply
Gearbox 650HS, 550kW PTO Mekanord supply Mekanord supply
Propeller CPP, 4TX850/280 Ø3820 mm, 145 RPM Gearbox Type 80OD incl. PTO Gearbox Type 70OD incl. PTO
Control system CPP control system

Offshore vessels


ALMISAN – Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (AHTS) TRICO SABRE – Multipurpose Platform Supply Vessel (MPSV) FALISCA – Tug for Escort, Salvage & Fire fighting
Main info Main info Main info
Shipyard/IMO Rosetti Marino Spa/9553581 Shipyard/IMO Tebma Shipyards LTD/9413183 Shipyard/IMO Astilleros Ría de Avilés S.L./9563952
Length o.a. 52,3 m Length o.a. 73,4 m Length o.a. 37 m
Main engine 2x Wartsila 8L32, 4000kW@750RPM Main engine 2x Hyundai 8H25/33P, 2320kW@900RPM Main engine 2x GE 16V228, 3052kW@1050RPM
Max bollard pull 149 ton Propellers 2x CPP, Berg BCP760 Ø2900 mm, 233 RPM Max bollard pull 105 ton
DWT 3100 DWT
Mekanord supply Mekanord supply
Gearboxes 2x type 70HS, 1000kW PTO Mekanord supply Gearboxes 2x 580HS, 400kW PTO
Propellers 2x CPP, Ø3300 mm, 190 RPM Gearboxes 2x type 60OD, 1600kW PTO Propellers 2x CPP, Ø3200 mm, 245 RPM
Nozzles 2x Ø3330 mm Control system CPP DP2 control system
Control system CPP DP2 control system

Fishing vessels


Tobis – Whitefish Trawler Calima Luanda – Trawler/Flyshooter Trine Marlene – Trawler
Main info Main info Main info
Shipyard/IMO Karstensens Skibsværft Shipyard/IMO Vestværftet Shipyard/IMO Vestværftet
Length o.a. 40 m Length o.a. 24 m Length o.a. 17 m
Main engine ABC 6DZ, 1340kW@1000RPM Main engine Caterpillar 3508, 585kW@1200RPM Main engine Volvo Penta D12, 335kW@1800RPM
Propeller CPP, Hundested VP12 Ø3200 mm, 153 RPM Propeller CPP, Korsør CP21 Ø2200 mm, 198 RPM Propeller CPP, Hundested VP 9,5 Ø1800 mm, 283 RPM
Mekanord supply Mekanord supply Mekanord supply
Gearbox 580HS, incl. 3 PTO’s Gearbox 430HS incl. 2 PTO’s Gearbox 350HS incl 2 PTO’s

High speed vessels


ALICAT – Catamaran, Wind Farm Service Vessel (WFSV) SNARVEIEN – Catamaran, Passenger Ferry LOS 117 – Pilot Boat
Main info Main info Main info
Shipyard/IMO Alicat Workboats Shipyard/IMO Oma Baatbyggeri AS Shipyard/IMO Dockstavarvet
Length o.a. 21 m Length o.a. 26 m Length o.a. 16,7 m
Speed 29 knots Speed 27 knots Speed 23,6 knots
Main engine 2x Caterpillar C32 B, 970kW@2100RPM Main engine 2x Scania DSI16, 550kW@2100RPM Main engine Caterpillar C32, 820kW@2100RPM
Propeller 2x CPP, Helseth 4H80 Ø975 mm, 800 RPM Propeller CPP, Helseth 4H100 Ø1050 mm, 824 RPM
Mekanord supply
Gearboxes 2x 280HSC incl. PTO Mekanord supply Mekanord supply
Propellers 2x CPP, Ø1075 mm, 824 RPM Gearbox 2x 235HSC-U Gearbox 280HSC incl. PTO
Control system CPP control system

Pleasure vessels


PARCIFAL III – Lift keel sloop Marie – Classic Ketch Sarissa – Lifting keel carbon sloop
Main info Main info Main info
Design Perini Navi, Italy Design Hoek Design Naval Architects BV, Holland Design Tripp Design Naval Architecture Inc, USA
Length o.a. 53,9  m Length o.a. 54,6 m Length o.a. 42,6 m
Main engine Caterpillar C30 938kW@2150RPM Main engine Caterpillar C32 820kW@2100RPM Main engine Caterpillar C12 366kW@2300RPM
Classification MCA Code of Practice, A.B.S. A1
Yachting Service AMS
Classification A.B.S. A1 Yachting Service AMS, MCA LY2 Classification GL, MCA
Mekanord supply Mekanord supply Mekanord supply
Gearboxes 400 HS/LS incl. PTO Gearboxes 400 HS/LS incl. PTO Gearboxes 270 HS/LS incl. PTO
Propellers VP10 – feathering Propellers CP18-RS – feathering Propellers CP10-RS – feathering
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