• Batch mixers – TM-MIX

ME Production specializes in the manufacture of batch mixers for high performance processing of powders and granules with or without adding liquids. Our batch mixers – TM-MIX – ensure short mixing times, high-precision mixing as well as gentle treatment of the product.

Our high-performance batch mixers comply with the most stringent safety and hygienic regulations and are designed to provide ultimate flexibility meeting the demands required by a versatile range of industries.

TM-MIX batch mixers are available in a variety of standard sizes ranging from 130 to 8.000 liter and are durably constructed in a wide range of materials. If our standard solutions do not meet your specific mixing needs, we customize solutions in accordance with your requirements.

TM-MIX batch mixer offers:

  • High-precision mixing
  • Short mixing times
  • Gentle treatment of product
  • High user safety
  • Fully hygienic design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Customization possibilities
  • Choice of material and sizes


Worldwide supply of Batch mixers

ME Production supplies several industries with batch mixers. From fine powdered materials to coarse ground ingredients, our wide range of batch mixers and agitators insure precise mixing off all types of products. Durably constructed in either mild or stainless steel, our uniquely comprehensive range of batch mixers and continuous mixers & blenders allow us to offer completely customized solutions for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, recycle and waste reduction applications.

Batch mixing is the most used batch mixing technology, providing precise control of mix quality, flexibility of production and very often is the installation and operation costs lower. With a batch mixing system, all ingredients are loaded into the batch mixer, then mixed homogeneously and ejected in a single lot, or batch. Batch mixers are perfect for a wide variability of applications, particularly where production amounts are low and strict control of mix composition is required, formulations change regularly, or batch traceability is needed.

ME Production Batch mixers design offers high flexibility of our batch mixing systems to guarantee our customers an accurate mixing for all types of products. We have a great experience customizing our Bach mixers design, from horizontal twin shaft and drop bottom gate to ribbon and paddle agitators, every Scott batch mixer is custom built to efficiently and cost-effectively meet each application requirement.


ME Production selected Batch Mixer references:

  • Novozymes A/S
  • Mira Byggeprodukter A/S
  • Alfix A/S
  • Lip Bygningsartikler A/S
  • Hey’di A/S
  • Skamol A/S
  • Danisco Dupont
  • Omnicon A/S
  • CP Kelco Aps


For more information, please contact:

Jens Ole Larsen Production Manager Mobile: +45 20 14 47 13 Email:


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