Batch mixers – TM-MIX

ME Production specializes in the manufacture of batch mixers for high performance processing of powders and granules with or without adding liquids. Our batch mixers – TM-MIX – ensure short mixing times, high-precision mixing as well as gentle treatment of the product.

Our high-performance batch mixers comply with the most stringent safety and hygienic regulations and are designed to provide ultimate flexibility meeting the demands required by a versatile range of industries.

TM-MIX batch mixers are available in a variety of standard sizes ranging from 130 to 8.000 liter and are durably constructed in a wide range of materials. If our standard solutions do not meet your specific mixing needs, we customize solutions in accordance with your requirements.

TM-MIX batch mixer offers:

  • High-precision mixing
  • Short mixing times
  • Gentle treatment of product
  • High user safety
  • Fully hygienic design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Customization possibilities
  • Choice of material and sizes


For more information, please contact:

Casper Nielsen Senior Logistics Manager Mobile: +45 29 21 42 14 Email: