• Scrubber service

    We offer a full-service package of your scrubber system, which secure you a fast and efficient service that minimize your vessel downtime.
    We have a global network of agents, and with our expert team in Denmark we are ready to support any time and any where needed.

    Secures your day-to-day operation

    With years of experience in exhaust gas cleaning systems for marine applications, we have developed very efficient, safe and certified SOx scrubbers
    for eliminating air emissions. We offer the full “scrubber service package” where we give you full support and service to secure your day-to-day operation.

    Our goal is to reduce your operating costs by improving your uptime, secure you meet compliance and an on-demand troubleshooting your equipment.
    Furthermore, our scrubber service department offer you a remote on-line real time PLC/system support.

    In addition, we want to support your maintenance programs and provide training to make sure your operators are up to date.

    With an active MEP service agreement we provide: 

    – 24h service hotline
    – On-site service tasks
    – On-site process maintenance tasks
    – On-site training of your team
    – Original and high quality spare parts
    – Spare parts packages
    – Remote on-line real time PLC/system support
    – Service and support contracts
    – Troubleshooting
    – Retrofits

    One point of contact

    We will always be ready supporting you securing your day-to-day operation and business by:

    Daily/weekly/monthly contact with the customer
    – We stay updated on your needs

    – To improve our service and minimize your downtime

    One supplier = One call
    – Fast and efficient

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