There are different ways a scrubber works depending on type and model. At ME Production we have designed and developed scrubber solutions that fits all vessels and engine sizes. We offer Multi-inlet and Inline scrubbers for both Open Loop, Closed Loop og Hybrid mode.

We are a Danish developer and manufacturer of customized emission reduction systems for marine applications. Innovation drives the constant development of our technologies and enables us to continuously deliver the best solutions to our customers.

We offer solutions that fit all diesel engine types, sizes, speeds and fuel types, and our services cover the complete project from start to finish including consulting, sizing, design, manufacturing, supervision, commissioning and certification. We help our customers meet IMO emission limits in the most effective and cost-efficient way.

For more information about MEP SOx scrubber systems, and how they works please click here.

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How a MEP SOx scrubber works

  • 1

    SOx Scrubber Unit

    The SOx Scrubber Unit contains a carefully designed multi array of water jet nozzles which enables our solution to efficiently wash the exhaust gas in order to remove SOx and carbon particles.

  • 2

    Continuous Emission Monitoring System

    The monitoring system uses an optical, noncontact, cross-duct technique. A light beam is sent across the duct or stack to be measured, and the captured light is sent through an optical fiber cable to an analyzer. The analyzer measures SO2, CO2 and NOx concentrations using UV and IR absorption, DOAS. The sulphur content in the bunker oil is measured based on the SO2 /CO2 ratio in ppm/Vol.%.

  • 3

    Continuous Water Monitoring System

    A water monitoring solution includes a monitoring system at both the inlet and outlet of the scrubber. All sensor modules can be verified and/or calibrated on-site using certified standards. The system has achieved a marine type approval for monitoring of all me-dia (PAH, turbidity, and pH/temperature) required in MEPC. 259(68).

  • 4

    Control system

    The control equipment monitors pumps, temperatures, flow, water treatment and ex-haust gas composition in complete compliance with MARPOL Annex VI. The control system includes easy to use HMI.

  • 5

    Process tank

    Process water for the scrubber unit is taken from the process tank. The process water is also returned to this tank. Fresh water is added continuously, and wastewater is taken out for wastewater treatment.

  • 6

    Process pump

    Serves as the primary seawater pump in open loop and as recirculation pump for exhaust gas scrubbing water in closed loop mode.

  • 7

    Cooling pump

    The cooling system is based on seawater being pumped into a heat exchanger and back to the sea in a closed system without any connection to the internal process water flows.

  • 8

    Booster pump

    Ensures the exhaust gas is cooled down quickly, before it enters the scrubber tower. This pump allows you to boost the water pressure to receive a high amount of water through injection nozzles.

  • 9

    Flange cooling at exhaust gas pipes

    Allows the system to have a “run-dry” capability that enab- les it to handle hot exhaust gas, even if the scrubber is not running.

  • 10

    Titanium Heat Exchanger

    Cools down the scrubbing water when running in closed loop mode to ensure that the exhaust gas temperature exiting the scrubber unit is as low as 45°C. The low exhaust temperature of 45°C is also maintained in open loop mode.

  • 11

    Alkaline Dosing Unit

    Is a custom-built dosing and monitoring system that can utilize Natrium Carbonate (Na2CO3), Magnesium Oxide (MgO) or Caustic Soda (NaOH) depending on the requirements of the preferred vessel profile.

  • 12

    Wastewater Separator

    Treats and separates naturally occurring salts, carbon particles and unburnt fuel from the process water when running in closed loop mode.

  • 13

    Discharge pump

    Discharges the cleaned process water from the holding tank and into the sea when in closed loop mode.

  • 14


    For more information, please contact:

    Jens Peter Faldt Managing Director, CEO Mobile: +45 26 29 10 29 Email:

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