Customer focus is the common denominator for ME Productions administrative and manufacturing activities with the goal of effectively and systematically fulfilling the customer`s requirements and expectations.

Our quality assurance system is an active and dynamic tool for maintaining, improving and developing these activities via:

  • Delegated and well-defined responsibility throughout the organization
  • Skills and know-how in accordance with the delegated responsibility
  • Customer and quality focused attitudes throughout the organization
  • Implemented procedures and instructions where required
  • Fullifillment of relevant classification and government laws and regulations
  • Systematic measurement of important and relevant processes and results
  • Continual prevention and improvement
  • Current and responsive resource management
  • Well-defined and implemented document and data management

Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety and Environment as well as quality are always in focus at ME Production. HSE is about promoting security, job satisfaction and a health and safety working environment. ME Production sets great store by adhering to international quality and performance standards.

HSE and quality systems give customers, employees and suppliers security throughout work processes and project execution phases. ME Production complies with all rules and regulations set for HSE that affects any business activities. Management and (new) employees are actively educated towards HSE policies.

ME Production HSE Managers check the efficiency of the HSE policies continuously and implement HSE audits to ensure that the activities are in accordance to the company’s HSE policy. ME Production operates according to certificated standards, the ME Production Code of Conduct and internal regulation. To ensure the compliance of the HSE guidance, responsibility for HSE goes from ME Production’s top management downwards to every single employee.



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