Our quality policy

ME Production is a technology provider. We specialize in the marine sector and energy systems
and our aim is to support and enable the necessary global green transition.

Therefore, we offer a product portfolio of high-quality energy efficient technical systems and services.
They are designed for long product lifespan and continous optimization through the lifespan
of the product shall ensure compliance with today’s and future demands and expectations.

Our quality policy and principles secure that we can achieve our vision and mission;

  • Focus on quality, expenses and delivery performance
  • Create partnerships with focus on technological development and technology implementation
    with customers and suppliers.
  • Continous development and improvement of technologies, products and services through processes.
  • Support and develop our employees involvement, awareness, skills and responsibilities.
  • Ensure that all processes and services are in compliance with existing legislation and other
    requirements that our company is governed by.

We will ensure compliance with customer-, legislative,- and quality demands and expectations
through the principles in our quality control system.

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