• Compact / Fast running marine gearboxes

Fast running C.P.-advantage

Controllable Pitch propulsion gives substantial advantages in fast running vessels.

Traditionally Mekanord gearboxes are working in C.P.-installations for engines app. 200 – 6000HP in heavy and slow moving vessels as fishing boats, tugs, coasters, workboats etc. The C.P.-advantage in this field in regard of:

Versatility – Flexibility – Manoeuvrability – Engine

The overload security have been well accepted and appreciated by the persons involved. However the C.P.-idea with respect to versatility and manoeuvrability are even more outspoken in the field of fast running vessels as for instance patrol boats, rescue vessels, pilot boats, small catamaran ferries etc.

The C.P.-system also results in a lower load on the environment, than other systems used today, because of its adaptability to sundry work conditions simultaneously maintaining a high efficiency.

Mekanord has designed C.P.-propulsion equipment specially for fast running vessels i.e. C.P.-gearboxes with built-in servo system and a small reduction ratio of 2-2,5-3:1 and with compact low weight design and low bottom height and with relatively small fast running C.P.-propellers.


The Mekanord C.P.-propulsion package will typically comprise:

C.P.-gearbox, C.P.-propeller and Remote Control System, which is to be driven by a fastrunning marine diesel engine. The Mekanord C.P.-propulsion equipment is made for fast running vessels like for instance: Patrol boats, rescue vessels, pilotboats, small catamarans etc.

Mekanord gives technical assistance in the design phase, during installation and starting-up and has an effective after sales service. The equipment may be supplied with certificate from the classification societies.

Mekanord’s Controllable Pitch propulsion equipment includes:

C.P.-gearbox in weightsaving and compact design with built-in thrustbearing, hydraulic clutch, oilsystem, hydraulic servo for pitch control, helical high quality gearwheels, optionally intershaft for opposite direction of rotating and optionally PTO.

This means all hydraulics contained in one unit.


C.P.-propeller with 4 blades for high-speed adapted to the actual vessel. Propellerhead with oilmounted shrinkfit cone towards the hollow bored stainless steel tail shaft. Suitable for single or twin screwed high speed vessels.


Remote Control System of electrical type with handlevers for engine throttle and pitch control. Control panel with instruments and switches. Optionally extra control stations and load controlsystem.

For more information, please contact:

Features are:


  • The C.P.-system allows very precise manoeuvring in situations as for example: in harbour, picking up people at sea, transferring people to other vessels, fastening of towage etc.
  • Particularly with twin screw is the manoeuvrability excellent.


  • The system functions with high efficiency in a broad working range, also in other conditions than full speed. This improves the fuel economy.


  • The C.P.-system can be adjusted to work efficiently on part loads and on lower speeds.


  • Mekanord’s C.P.-system can be used together with all types of fast running marine diesels.


    • Quick and accurate manoeuvring may prevent accidents.

    Better conditions aboard

    • The C.P.-propeller always rotates in same direction i.e. no shocks and vibrations when changing from “Ahead” to “Astern”.

    Engine and environment protection

    • The propeller pitch can be adjusted to suit the engine load at any speed to avoid overload and obtain good fuel economy and reduces the load on the environment.

    Installation & maintenance

    • The Mekanord C.P.-gearbox with integrated hydraulic servo for C.P. contains all the hydraulics, i.e. only one unit gives easier installation and maintenance.


    • PTO drive with hydraulic clutch is an interesting option.
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