Exhaust Gas Cleaning System

Our EGCS meets the highest standards of emission compliance

ME Production exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS) meets the highest standards of emission compliance. Our exhaust scrubber solutions is your safety for an economical and environmentally friendly solution with sulphur oxide gas removal in excess of 98% complying fully to the IMO regulations. Our exhaust gas SOx scrubber solutions are suitable for new buildings and retrofitting of existing vessels for all types of engines, and we customize our design to fit your needs.


As a ME Production standard, we always guarantee you the full package including:

– Inline or U-type design

– Scrubber sizes from Ø1300 to Ø4875

– Online access control to emission data and troubleshooting

– Tailormade solution on request

– 24/7 Service support

- Compliant operation, always


All system HMIs are delivered with remote support capability:

Enabling crew assistance, support, and training.

Allows remote adjustment of parameters, operational guidance and recommendations.

Data-driven fleet optimization

All systems are prepared for automatic data acquisition, shore transfer, analytics, and reporting.

Operational benchmarking of fleet – identifying and supporting best practice.

Market leading energy consumption

MEP philosophy is simple: avoiding fuel consumption triumphs mitigating emissions – never waste energy!

Lowest attainable power consumption by variable frequency converters and extremely low wash water pressure of scrubber tower.

Designed to your needs

High quality alloys used exclusively – ISO9001 certified manufacturing sites in Denmark and China

Customized design to overcome any design challenges.

Plug & Play solutions – scrubber tower already installed with valves, instrumentation, manifold, electrical wiring – tested and approved from factory.

Robust monitoring systems

No contact emission monitoring system – low maintenance and OPEX. Calibration only once yearly

Proven, reliable,  global leading manufacturers of monitoring systems.

Service anytime, anywhere

Global service network

Spare parts and superintendents available whenever, wherever




Scrubber service

At ME Production we offer a strong range of service and support solutions in every business area.
The world is our playground and we are always easy to reach when the need for service or support arises.

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Simon Bach Kirkelund
Head of Projects
Email: sik@meproduction.dk
Phone: +45 61 30 01 61