Geabox spareparts for Mekanord Marine gearboxes


Worldwide service

We provide comprehensive after-sales service for all MEP products, in close operation with partners worldwide. Since 1980, ME Production has operated a highly professional Marine services department with our service engineers who are specialists in ship equipment repair service and retrofit jobs from all manufacturers and are supporting our customers all around the world.

We provide 24-hour service support based on active MEP service protocols and are always ready to submit pre-installation surveys, technical seminars, customization, equipment commissioning, tailored spare parts kits and other services including personnel training.

If you have any related needs and questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



SOx scrubber Solution

For ships that have installed or are preparing to install exhaust cleaning devices, the steady operation of the scrubber determines the normal operation of the ship.
Therefore, we want to support your maintenance programs and provide standardized training accordingly to ensure your day-to-day operation and stable operating of the vessel.
We can always submit an entire service and reparation including the support for remote online real-time PLC/ system, original and high quality spare parts, spare parts packages by way of first starting from 24h service hotline.

For more information, please contact:

Kim Ronni Pedersen Service Manager Mobile: +45 28 97 79 29 Email:




The gearbox in a wind turbine or a marine gearbox is a main part which need constant attention.If you have observed that the gearbox not works properly, and need to be repaired, we are ready in our workshop to make a 100% quality and cost benefit repair.

We can make an offer based on your demands, an inspection report or make a standard offer (renewing of all bearings and seals) and subsequent make a final offer based on a full inspection of all parts after dismantling.

For more information, please contact:

Henrik Vejergang Senior Manager Order Design - Wind Mobile: +45 41 10 15 47 Email:


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