ME Production lands scrubber service agreement

The North Jutland scrubber manufacturer, ME Production, is busy with scrubber orders and as addition to this, they have just landed their first service agreement.

ME Production has grown immensely during the last year and the number of employees has risen from 50 to approximately 180 during the last 18 months. This is due to their increased sale of scrubber systems, which cleanse the exhaust gas and reduce the discharge of sulphur significantly in order to meet IMO’s global sulphur cap from 1st of January 2020.

As a natural addition to this massive growth, ME Production has opened a new scrubber service department, which has just signed its first support- and service agreement with the Turkish shipping company, Ulusoy Sealines.

The agreement covers their fleet with installed scrubber systems.

The service agreement provides Ulusoy Sealines peace of mind and security:” A service agreement includes yearly planned service of our scrubber systems. In this way, we can prevent and reduce operational breakdowns and maintain and service the scrubbers in the best possible way.

In addition, we have 24 hours hotline and remote control which reassure us that support is always at hand should system complications arise. It is extremely important for us to comply with IMO’s global sulphur cap and ME Production’s service- and support agreement can help us do that,” says Captain Gürcan Gür, Ulusoy Sealines.

ME Production’s scrubber service department offers our customers a 360 degrees ”one-stop shopping” solution, which helps secure and optimize the scrubber system’s performance and lifespan.
Furthermore and most importantly, it ensures that the scrubber system is in compliance.

” We not only want to be a supplier for our customers. Our wish is that they view and experience us as a collaborator – also in the longer term. The customers should feel secure and reassured that we do not disappear as soon as we have delivered their scrubber.

Therefore, we offer a service package which is constructed together with the customer to ensure that we always meet the customer’s needs and wishes,” says Service Manager Kim Pedersen

ME Production has built a stock of spare parts which makes it possible to ship smaller and larger parts on very short notice.

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