More than 50 years experience with gear

With more than 50 years of proud Danish traditions as Marine Gear supplier for CPP solutions, we are ready for future demands by presenting our Hybrid Gearbox operational modes. In fact, when we introduced Hybrid Gearbox solutions as far back as 2003, the general motive was environmental considerations. However, today the latest technologies allow for numerous of other advantages, depending on vessel type, operation pattern, local regulations etc.

Primary features are flexibility, cost-efficient, and safe operation. ME Production supplies tailor-made solutions, why we invite our customers to work closely with our in-house organization for the best suitable solution with respect to design and operational pattern.

Gear service

At ME Production we offer a strong range of service and support solutions in every business area.
The world is our playground and we are always easy to reach when the need for service or support arises.

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Thomas Andreassen
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