• Wind turbine gearbox repair

    The gearbox in a wind turbine is a main part which need constant attention. If you have observed that the wind turbine gearbox not works properly, and need to be repaired, we are ready in our workshop to make a 100% quality and cost benefit repair.

    We can make an offer based on your demands, an inspection report or make a standard offer (renewing of all bearings and seals) and subsequent make a final offer based on a full inspection of all parts after dismantling.

    A standard repair takes only 3 weeks (15 days of work) in our workshop.

    Typical workflow

    Day 1: Receipt of gearbox

    Day 2-6: Disassembly and cleaning

    Day 7: Failure detection

    Day 8-12: Reassembly

    Day 13: Spin testing

    Day 14: Painting

    Day 15: Forwarding


    ME Production A/S refurbishes wind turbine gearboxes in our modern facilities equipped with overhead cranes providing lifting capacity of up to 35 tonnes. We repair from small gearboxes and up to 3 MW. Our workshop area is divided into seperate areas for the different steps in the repair process:

    Complete disassembling

    Cleaning of all parts

    Failure detection and root cause analysis


    Spin testing


    Besides the workshop, we also have a seperate machining department, in which we can carry out all types of repairs on shafts and housings. This ensures the fastest possible lead time.

    With over 200 repairs on gearboxes for wind turbines and many years of experience in gearbox design, manufacture and service, we have highly skilled gearbox personel. In addition we have engineers and developers in-house, who work with the newest software for designing gearboxes and calculating critical components.

    We keep educating our employees in order to follow and make use of the newest methods and technologies. This is secured by participating in different courses and sharing this new knowledge in-house. We have close collaboration with the suppliers in order to stay updated on the newest products and solutions available on the market.

    Wind turbine gearbox repair

    We offer standard, but also customized wind turbine gearbox repairs. Both are done under ISO certified procedures. When assemblied it is spin tested to ensure a fully functional gearbox is sent back to the customer. A standard repair consists of:

    Cleaning of all parts

    Hand polishing of all gears

    External inspection of all parts

    Replacement of all bearings

    Replacement of all gaskets and sealings

    Customized gearbox solutions

    We provide both standard gearbox upgrades as well as customized upgrades. Our R&D department uses the latest and most up-to-date design software for gears & bearings thus enabling the design engineers to carry out extensive calculations on all gearbox components.

    Our decades of gearbox know-how make us able to design customized gearbox upgrades and critically analyse gearbox failures.


    When getting a repair of your wind turbine gearbox at ME Production, you get 2 years of warranty.

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