• Inline SOx scrubber - EGCS

The trademark Inline scrubber design of MEP – uniquely designed for drymode operation in combination with packed bed. The MEP Inline also called I-type scrubber system is designed to provide operational flexibility and save space. Our Inline exhaust gas scrubber overcome any space restrictions that prove a challenge for the scrubber system operations, which means that our SOx scrubber design has a perfect fit where space is limited, and the project requires custom solutions.

The marine Inline exhaust gas scrubber system has a reduced footprint and no external venturi which result in an easier installation that consequently reduces the downtime of the vessel.

Our marine Inline scrubber system has a very flexible range and fit all types and sizes of vessels in Open Loop, Closed Loop or Hybrid mode. The MEP exhaust scrubber is shipped fully assembled with insulation and all components.

All MEP scrubbers are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards and IMO MEPC259(68) regulation.

Suitable modes:

Key features:

  • Bypass option
  • Smaller footprint
  • Material: SMO254
  • Fully assembled and insulated scrubber body
  • Fully equipped scrubber tower

For more information, please contact:

Jens Peter Faldt Managing Director, CEO Mobile: +45 26 29 10 29 Email:

Suitable SOx scrubber modes

  • Open Loop

    No freshwater or reagent required
    Uses natural alkalinity of seawater
    For open seas with high
    to modorate alkalinity

  • Closed Loop

    Areas where no discharge is allowed
    Process with reagent addition
    Waters with low alkalinity
    Freshwater required

  • Hybrid Loop

    Open loop and closed loop mode
    Can be operated in zero discharge
    mode for a limited period
    Most flexible design

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