Hybrid Scrubber

The MEP marine scrubber system operates as a conventional Hybrid scrubber system but has three water inlets in the main body of the scrubber, as opposed to two in the conventional system. The exhaust flows enter from the bottom and exits at the top, with water being sprayed in three stages in a counter flow to the exhaust. Furthermore, a MEP designed water trap prevents the scrubbing water from entering the engine. The Inline and U-type configuration can be offered on the all three types scrubber system as well.

We offer the Hybrid scrubber solution as an Inline scrubber or U-type scrubber. 

At ME Production it is our goal to provide the most optimal exhaust gas cleaning solutions – EGCS – that offer the highest level of energy efficiency and the lowest environmental impact. Close cooperation with our customers is thus of vital importance and the key to continue our growing success within the scrubber market.


How a Hybrid solution works

A Hybrid system offers a combination of open and closed loop operations and provides the flexibility to operate in closed loop mode (including zero discharge mode) depending on the conditions (seawater alkalinity, discharge restrictions, etc.) and in open loop mode without consuming any alkaline agent. This option provides high flexibility of operation in low alkaline waters as well as on the open ocean.

  • Open loop and closed loop mode
  • Most flexible design and system
  • Suitable design:


For more information, please contact:

Jens Peter Faldt Managing Director, CEO Mobile: +45 26 29 10 29 Email:

ME Production design philosophy

Designed for installation

ME Production provides the option to have the scrubber unit insulated, assembled, wired. Remaining installation of is connecting inlet- and outlet piping, and power supply and communication to IO box.

This solution provides two opportunities for vessel owners – either to finish the installation during yard stay or leave wiring and pipe work to be carried out during operation.

So far, ME Production has achieved great results with 3-week* complete yard installation for open loop systems. Depending on yard performance, and if whether vessel owner has specific demands for yard selection. Vessel owner realises fuel cost savings from day one after departure from yard with fully functional scrubber system.

This concept provides certainty of system implementation, and a definite deadline. If vessel owner prefers 6-12 months of installation on-board for piping and final installation, ME Production supports this as well.

The video on the right shows our installation of a Mep SOx scrubber to DFDS Finlandia Seaways and the departure from DK Fayard.


Mitigating risk throughout installation

Installation of scrubber systems can be exposed to risk of delays during installation and/or departing yard with significant shortcomings, as of any other marine project.

At ME Production we provide standalone sub-assemblies, for yard to connect with inlet/outlet piping and power supply and communication to IO box. As part of contract, a list of scope of supply between parties is made, giving full overview of components for owner or yard to connect to. For open loop systems, a little as 7 individual sub-assemblies to connect. For hybrid or closed loop, 14 sub-assemblies to connect.


Low pressure – high output

The low pressure concept for the spraying system of the MEP scrubber system, not only greatly reduces the consumption of the system, but also enables a variety of benefits for the efficiency of system. Using larger nozzles, with larger clearance, having much less chance of clogging. For the MEP scrubber, an ordinary sea filter ø5 mesh is recommended, as only filtration needed.

High pressure apply high degree of wear to the spraying nozzles. Low pressure applies low degree of wear to nozzles. MEP expect replacement cycle of absorber spraying nozzle to be 5 years, providing great OPEX figures for the ROI of ownership.

Low pressure applied larger droplets. Combined with the conventional design using random packing as absorber section, the larger droplets are more easily separated from the gas in the demister.

For closed loop operation, many scrubber owners may have difficulties with cleaning the process water, to achieve the requirements of Marpol Legislation in regards of PAH and Turbidity. Using high pressure ~ small droplets, no packing material is used in the absorber section, the downside of this, the oil from exhaust emulsifies with the water, being extremely difficult to separate again. Cleaning systems consisting of separator units – clarifier and purifier – are added with flocculents and coagulents to combat the emulsion of process water.

ME Production provides water cleaning separator with clarifier unit only, so far no hybrid installations have required flocculents to comply with IMO legislation. Being the most complex and costly part of the scrubber system to maintain, the water cleaning system (and nozzle replacement) is often the defining parts the OPEX level for the scrubber system.

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